Ayurveda ways of living to improve immunity

Myself being an Ayurveda Doctor and my family, have been practicing the following to improve our immunity system.

  • Drink only water boiled with one small piece of ginger and five leaves of tulsi.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Consume daily two Gooseberry.
  • Use plenty of turmeric powder and curry leaves in food.
  • Reduce chilly, sour and salty foodstuffs.
  • Daily clear your bowels. Make a habit of urinating every three hours.
  • Fumigate the house and surroundings twice daily with neem leaves, tulsi leaves, mustard seed burnt with sambrani.
  • Don't freak the mind ,keep faith and use techniques like prayer, yoga etc., which keeps the mind in good spirits. Sleep for minimum six hours.
  • Bath twice daily, especially with Nalpamara powder.
  • Avoid food that cause abdominal discomfort and consume food according to one's hunger at the same time daily.

By : Dr. Dinesh KS
Professor , Ayurveda College,Kottakkal