CIMCD is a new initiative of Kaumarabhritya department of VPSV Ayurveda College Kottakkal in association with Kerala Ayurveda studies and research society (KASRS), is functioning progressively and successfully inside the campus. The institution is serving a lot of children with differential abilities and other childhood disorders. The centre provides Multidisciplinary Professional assessment and diagnostic services including early identification of the disorder and intervention for children below 6 years of age, comprehensive integrated therapy including speech and language therapy, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, sensory integration therapy of all age group with special preference to pediatric population.

The centre also provides parental, caretakers and teachers training programs, nutritional and lifestyle management for its health seeks. The other areas of service are Special remedial programmes for school going children those who having learning problems and other disabling conditions, Special educational services with individual education methods, Special therapeutic intervention packages for out station clients those who are attending short durational services. The centre is giving best outcome with its therapy along with interventions in Ayurveda.

For details ,please call PRO @ 8330835370 (Center for Integrated Management of Children with Differential abilities ( CIMCD))