Caring and acknowledging is essential in improving a child's physical and psychological development especially for those who are affected with Autism spectrum disorders(ASD). Autism is the most discussed pediatric neuro - psychiatric condition which pulls off attention of both medical and non - medical population around the world. The prevalence of ASD appears to be increasing globally over the past 50 years,with every one in 59 children suffers from ASD. The health-care needs of people with ASD are complex and require a range of integrated services, including health promotion, rehabilitation services, and collaboration with other sectors such as education, employment and social care.

Acknowledging this global crisis, Ayurveda School of Excellence (KASE) has taken initiative to conduct a certificate programme on Ayurvedic management of Autism (CAMA), to introduce the AGASTYA protocol and to discuss on all the scientific and practical aspects of Ayurveda in autism .