AGASTYA parental training programme

Caring and acknowledging is essential in improving a child's physical and psychological development especially for those who are affected with Autism. Being emerged as a global health crisis, that knows no borders, Department of Kaumarabhritya, VPSV Ayurvedacollege, Kottakkal in collaboration with its functional centres AyuCALM and CIMCD, were constantly engaged in various intellectual summits. Now the institutions in collaboration, up brings an effective training programme, directed by the Kerala Ayurveda Studies and Research Society (KASRS) and Kerala Health Ministry, intends to potentially disseminates the authentic and unbiased practical utility of our science in current Ayurveda scenario.

Acknowledging this need, we are bringing shortly AGASTYATraining Program, to discuss, deliberate and decide on all the scientific and practical aspects of Ayurveda in autism where the best of the faculties would pass on the benefits of these expert deliberations to orient the professionals, Resource personnels and other learners to revamp their existing skills of approach with high standards of precision. The core team behind the training programme has even represented the HealthCare BRICS 2018 Summit adding to the specificity and applicability in boosting the training sessions. The expert consultants will be providing progressive training on most important aspects including detailed AGASTYA protocol (Ayurveda drugs, Gut therapy, Ayurveda Standards of living, Training of parents and Yogic Assistance) - an Indian approach of Ayurveda care, region specific with detailed analysis on the effect of sensory diet and integrated approach throughout the seminar.

It’s high time that the world begins to recognise the scope of this training strategy and will bring improvement in the living standards of individuals and families worldwide affected by this devastating disorder. This training programme will be of one day for Keralites, 3 days duration for other Indian citizens and 5 days for foreigners. This training programme also elaborates the principles of Chinese medicine in addition to other highlights mentioned ibid. Now we are planning to expand our signature training programme-AGASTYA preferably accepting requests from Government Organisations, credible NGOs, non profit motive organisations, parental and Health Practitioners groups. The training will be conducted as per the norms and guidelines decided by the core committee.

Three months advance notice is considered essentialfrom the core committee for ensuring necessary arrangements.

For more details please contact [email protected]